Global warming and the need to protect and preserve our planet is one of the biggest issues facing humanity at the moment. For that reason, many people are turning to environmental charities in the hope that their donations and other contributions will make a real difference to the quality of life enjoyed by everyone and help to protect the planet for future generations.

Charities carry out this work in a number of ways. These methods can range from major campaigns and the lobbying of governments to smaller-scale efforts such as planting trees in a local area, working with animal charities and educating the public about how to better care for the environment around them. This article looks at some of the activities that major environmental charities are carrying out at the moment and compares them to the paths that other types of charities have taken in the past.

Working with Governments

While all of us can make small individual changes in our lives to help protect and nurture the planet, the truth is that government action will be required to make the quick. and substantive differences that many environmental charities believe will be required if we are to preserve the environment. This means working with and, on occasion, lobbying government to make swift and meaningful changes. Recent government moves in Europe to phase out petrol and diesel-based cars over the next 20 years are a good example of where this work has had its desired impact. Other campaigns that have taken place recently include work to reduce the number of short-haul flights that are run and reduce the impact on the environment caused by meat production.

Educating the Public

The general public has really got on board with environmental causes over the last few years, often doing simple things to raise awareness and make a difference. Many more people are taking the time to get to know their garden and using a mobile phone plant care app to ensure that they are filling the world with diverse plants and species that are appropriate to the area that they are in. These apps are easy to use and can offer suggestions to everyone from the amateur enthusiast to professional gardeners. They are easy to use and compatible with most mobile platforms.

Many environmental charities have ridden the wave of this trend by using it as an opportunity to educate people further about the importance of a diverse biosphere when it comes to preventing climate change and ensuring that our children inherit the wonderful and diverse world that we have been able to enjoy.

This can often take the form of charity websites that give people practical ideas to grow their own food or raise a diverse set of plants in their gardens. These websites answer questions that people already have but could drive them towards a greater understanding of the risks that the environment is currently facing and make them more likely to give to charity, in line with the objectives of the charities that set them up.

Environmental charities have a huge task ahead of them and will need to do a lot of work in order to succeed. However, the approach that they are taking puts them in a good position to be successful.