When we talk of supporting charities, many people think that it has to involve financial support, meaning cold hard cash. What these people don’t know is that charity support doesn’t have to be financial in nature. They could be forgiven for this, given that many donors to charities dish out money. Think of Bill Gates, for instance; he is perhaps the biggest donor on the earth, through what is known as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. But you’re not Gates, and you may not be one at all in your lifetime there are still ways to help.

That aside, you can be a blessing to any charity course even when you’re an average income earner. Do you have clothes in your closest that you don’t use anymore? You can gather them and donate them to a charitable organization. But there is a better way to support charity than that; egg donation.

If you have some good space in your home where you can rare egg laying chicken (call them layers, if you like), then you can turn that into charity support, as long as you have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience needed for egg production. Thankfully, this not rocket science. With just basic farming skills, you can produce thousands or hundreds of thousands of eggs and donate them to a charity organization. It will be incumbent upon the organization to decide whether to distribute the eggs to the needy or convert them into cash before supporting the needy.

Want to Go Extra Mile?

If you feel your egg donation to charity is not enough, you could add a related stuff like egg cups, which are also known as egg servers. Egg cups come in handy, especially when serving boiled eggs. Let’s say you’re donating your eggs and egg cups to an orphanage. The eggs may be boiled and served to the orphans in the institution using these cups. That way, you will be making a great and loud statement that the fatherless and motherless angels need to be appreciated no matter their situation; yes, egg cups are not a preserve of a few selected individuals. Want to purchase egg cups for charity? Visit the Royal Design online store and choose the design you want.