Charitable organizations across the globe make a difference in society. From children’s causes to adult intervention, these non-profit organizations uplift humanity daily. With an estimated 11,000 charities across the globe and 60 million volunteers, there’s a lot of work to change the world. All that forward movement means eventually a worker will need to rest. Charitable workers are sitting down a lot. At meetings, events, luncheons, awards ceremonies, sitting is inevitable. Let’s face it non-profits are run a lot like businesses. It requires interaction between individuals and working groups. In between and during the work, charity workers sit. Here are four ways sofa covers help keep furniture clean and in good repair during charitable meetings, events, and functions.


Food is integral to a charity’s success. From feeding workers to having fancy events, cuisine reigns supreme in the world of charitable giving. It’s tough keeping furniture clean during working meetings. It’s a good thing that Ikea Karlstad couch covers provide an extra layer of protection. Volunteers and staff may eat to their hearts content. Crumbs and stains are no match for these high-quality covers.


Working meetings and events require team members to scribble notes. Depending on the charity, planning may encompass a great deal of the organization’s time and effort. Ink spots, pencil marks, and marker stains are a nuisance. Fortunately, Ikea Karlstad couch covers stop these marks from reaching the sofa. Continue planning charitable functions with peace of mind.


Charities aren’t always pristine. Some groups get down in the dirt. From gardening with seniors to summer sports for teens, sometimes dirt is par for the course. Charities can’t stop meetings because staff or volunteers bring the outside inside. Ikea Karlstad couch covers keeps dirt from damaging the sofa underneath.


Complement the décor and keep it clean. These sofa covers offer stylish protection from the elements. Available in a variety of textures, patterns, and colors, the covers enhance the interior design. Ikea Karlstad couch covers are practical and protect sofas from stains. The five-star replacement covers are also stylish, merging good sense with good looking designs for sofa bed furniture.