Environment charities refer to non-profit organizations that are committed to safeguarding the natural systems of the earth. For many years, human behavior has had a disproportionate effect on the health of the environment, leading to eradicating natural habitats, emission of greenhouse gases, and pollution. Environmental charities aim to reverse this trend and to promote sustainable and renewable practices.

There are many types of environmental charities across the world. The common types of environment charities include:

Environmental Advocacy Charities – These charities focus on raising awareness about the importance of defending the environment. They work tirelessly to defend the planet by influencing the policies that could lead to better environmental protection laws. The charities seek to curb wasteful customs and practices. The efforts of these advocacy charities include:

  • Championing environmental laws and statutes
  • Enlisting new participants in environmental conservation
  • Soliciting funds for environmental conservation
  • Spreading awareness on environmental issues

Environmental Education Charities – The role of environmental education charities is to help human beings appreciate natural ecosystems’ importance. These charities sensitize people on the relationship between human activities and the environment. They focus on aspects like deforestation and global warming.

Environment Research Charities – These organizations establish the impact of human activities or behavior on the environment. These organizations track, observe, and quantify how human activities impact the changing environment.

Climate Change Charities – These charities focus on determining how environmental changes result in the long-term alteration of the ecosystems and weather patterns. Climate change can result from human activities like the emission of greenhouse gases. It can also result from natural events like volcanic eruptions.

Environmental charities also focus on other key areas like pollution, conservation, deforestation, urbanization, and habitat destruction.