You may be surprised to find out that some charitable organizations actually have staff who receive payment; not everybody is a volunteer. Therefore, they are subject to the same employment laws as a private business. Those running the charity will have to set up a payroll system and ensure that all contracts are legally binding. Typically, paid charity staff are accountable to a board of trustees. The process of hiring can be confusing for those who are not used to it.

The Use of Contracts for Charity Staff

As regards contracts, the fact that it is a not-for-profit organization makes no difference. If the charity has no experience in drawing up business agreements and tracking them, they will need the help of software from Precisely to make the process easier. This contract management software is scalable, so although the charity may start with only one paid employee, it’s not a problem to add more staff in the future.

Doing Away With Paperwork

It is likely that the charity is run from small premises to cut down on costs and ensure the maximum amount of income goes to the deserving cause that it supports. By using the Precisely system, all the employee details are stored securely in a cloud-based repository. You don’t need to fill up your office with filing cabinets to house any paperwork. Confidentiality is assured with top-of-the-range encryption.

Tracking the Lifecycle of a Contract

Running a charitable organization is demanding as it is, without having to remember if a contract is due to expire. This needn’t be a problem, with Precisely software. The system issues smart reminders so that all negotiation is done well in advance.

A charity organization can undoubtedly benefit from the experience of paid staff, and issuing contracts has never been easier than with the aid of the Precisely contract management software.